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Peter & Finnegan

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You’re Not Doing It Right – review


Brewery, Bristol

Twins, living on an island 99 metres off the coast of Bournemouth, greet the audience. They are standing in a fish tank. “I’m Peter,” says the young woman, played by Susie Riddell, “and I really like the SAS.” It’s the fist of many inexplicable, unexpected moments in a hugely enjoyable oddball tale about choosing to be stranded and living life in limbo.

The dynamic between the twins is deftly written by Anna Harpin and Jimmy Whiteaker, designed to be tender and menacing in equal measure. Peter appears in control, all hilarious clenched tension and ordering Finnegan (Adam Fuller) to repeat pointless games: picking up bits of paper and putting them in a tin as he counts to 10, “We play that game every Tuesday!” Peter cries, having already told us that every day is Tuesday on the island, marking the last time they had a visitor.

Peter talks nervously and endlessly, cheerily recalling how her 7ft tall mother drowned in her tears after their father hanged himself; Finnegan remains almost silent, mouthing what Peter’s saying as he looks hopelessly to land. but Finnegan is the one who has tried to escape before, scuppered only by Peter throwing the contents of his suitcase away and filling it with water instead.

Beyond the peculiar details and many laughs – some come from deliciously executed moments of audience interaction – this is a vivid portrayal of loneliness and the desperate strategies to conceal it. Riddell and Fuller are a brilliant double act, with dreamy comic timing and pace, but they wisely underplay the sudden darker moments to give them real impact. This is fresh writing, full of rather warped notions and damaged souls, that is laugh out loud funny but also shockingly sad.

Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian. Monday 26th Sept 2011

****4 stars from The Guardian, ‘hugely enjoyable oddball tale….deftly written….brilliant double act, with dreamy comic timing and pace…..fresh writing…..laugh out loud funny but also shockingly sad’ (Elisabeth Mahoney)

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****4 stars from Venue Magazine ‘special, special….deeply strange world’ ‘very unusual, worrying, mentalist and blackly twisted’ ‘I feel strongly that you should go and that there is every chance that you will do it right’ (Rina Vergano)

Total Theatre Magazine ‘deliciously, darkly humorous…expressive, impressive performances…inventive and fresh…a fabulous piece of work’ (Thomas Bacon)

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You're Not Doing It Right - 2011

Idiot Child’s current production is You’re Not Doing It Right by Anna Harpin and Jimmy Whiteaker, devised by Idiot Child.

Playing at The Brewery, Tobacco Factory, Bristol from Tues 20th Sept to Sat 1st October, 8.15pm.

The play is set on an island where two twins have lived all their lives, alone until one day a young boy accidentally lands there on his way to Brownsea. He stays for one day. That day was the best day of the twins’ lives and they have been recreating it ever since with the hope that one day, the boy will return.

The story of their lives is told through a tour of the island. The twins interact with the audience and they create a world using the objects that have washed up on the shore.

It is a story both funny and bleak about loneliness, saying goodbye and what it means to get life right….or not.

Venue Magazine gave us 4 stars ‘very very unusual, worrying, mentalist and blackly-twisted’ ‘you should go’